Julia is a rising JasminLive star

We tend to say things that tick people off, but there might not be a sentence truer than this: the best sluts come from America. With all due credit to European chicks, Asian cuties, and sexy Latinas, the sluts we got in the USA are simply the best. The reason for that simply lies in the fact that our girls have faster pace in life and spend more time looking for online pleasures. And a special place in the hearts, or rather we should say perverted fantasies, of all porn enthusiasts is reserved for teen blondes.

They are arguably the best inspiration for your daily spanking session. Let us introduce a perfect example that backs our opinion on this subject.

Julia Westmore

Julia is an 18-year-old cutie and one of our favorite cam girls in general. She is really lovely, with a great smile, fun personality, and an absolutely stunning ass. She is quite new to the cam business in general, but whereas with most of the girls that would be an issue, Julia makes it interesting. The thing is, what she lacks in experience, she more than makes up in enthusiasm. This makes her trending new star among members of online cam sites. She is very curious and likes to explore new things, and believe us when we say this: she is really gullible. In just a couple of sessions on JasminLive and intimate private show, you will get to experience something you haven’t since the high school: new things. Whatever you suggest, she will try it, not because it turns you on, but because it turns her on as well. It is a complete experience with Julia.

The thing we enjoyed the most is the uniqueness of her shows. She is not repetitive like many other cam girls out there. Instead, she likes to dress up, change the setting, use various toys, get up close, etc… And that ass is simply out of this world. Just check out her gallery and see for yourself. And while you are at it, you will notice a 4-star average user rating. Believe us, it is an underwhelming score in our opinion.

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Now comes the obvious question: what separates her from the sea of blonde 18-year-olds on the internet. And to be truly honest, we don’t know. On the surface, she is an average cutie with a way above the average ass, but nothing really to differentiate her from all other models. And yet, she has something that no other girl has.

We cannot pinpoint what that something is, but it makes her special and captivating. It’s like an X-factor, she is simply inspiring. Don’t believe us? Check her out and see for yourself.